Physician Testimonials

                                    What Doctors say about Mission Cataract USA


Dr. Garcia and OMNI Eye Specialists:

"The Mission Cataract program has always been part of my service for the last 30 years in practice as a community response, as a human response and as a response to my Christian faith as a call to help others in need.  I was taught by both my parents and in Catholic school to take care of others in need, and I believe firmly that God has given all of us the opportunity to be good to others.

It has been a blessing for me to be able to serve those most in need in our community by providing the cataract surgeries at no charge, as well as seeing these patients at my office at no charge. By providing this service for free, it keeps all of us humble and grateful for the blessings of intellect and financial strength God has given us as physicians."






Dr. Herbert Ingraham, Dept. of Ophthalmology Geisinger

"Dear Friends of Mission Cataract USA, When we sponsor Mission Cataract at Geisinger in 2019, it will be our 14th edition of what my staff and doctors all refer to as “the best days of the year”. Over that time, we have performed 175 surgeries, all free of charge to our less fortunate neighbors in our community. It has been tremendously rewarding to be a part of this program, and it reminds me each year of the reasons I went into medicine all those many years ago. I knew the patients would be grateful, and I knew it was something important to me, a chance to give back. But I hadn’t anticipated the response from the other physicians and residents and nurses and support staff, all of whom look forward to the screening day and the surgical day each May. The community has been so very supportive, and anyone I’ve asked for help has been so compassionate and willing to give of themselves. When I set out to start this Mission Cataract program here, I thought I was giving out the blessings. But I have been profoundly humbled by the blessings I have received and the generosity of spirit I have observed.

Mission Cataract USA is different from taking a Mission trip to Ecuador or Ghana or Nepal. I have been blessed to visit these places as well, but Mission Cataract is different in a profound way. Mission Cataract requires a local community of doctors, nurses, newspaper editors, lay people, church leaders and so many others. I am so blessed when I go abroad. But I truly believe the whole community of Danville, and the surrounding towns and counties who send patients, are truly lifted up as we work together for the less fortunate among us. Good working-class people losing vision can return to their workplace and families. We are ALL better for their willingness to come for help, allowing God’s blessing to fall on our entire community. I urge anyone who has not performed this work to give it a try. I promise you, you will receive far more than you give."

Herb Ingraham


Dr. David Shoemaker, Center for Sight

“We are proud to participate in Mission Cataract every year to provide the necessary care and treatment for those who would otherwise go through each day struggling to see,” said Dr. David Shoemaker, Founder, CEO and Director of Cataract and Lens Replacement Surgery at Center For Sight. “Restoring the gift of sight to these patients and giving them the opportunity to live meaningful and productive lives is inspiring and gratifying.”