Newest Procedures For Cataract Removal

The latest technology helps more patients

Jul 28, 2019

Cataracts have been one of the main vision problems for humans for centuries. Today, about 20 million Americans deal with this issue. And over the years, our ability to treat cataract issues has improved dramatically as well.

The traditional treatment has been surgery, and laser surgery helped improve the process and the recovery times dramatically. In traditional surgeries, lasers are used to remove the cloudy lens over the eye or clean the lens of the clouding. Then, it is replaced or a manmade lens is placed onto the eye as a replacement.

Now, new procedures have helped elevate what is possible even further. The idea behind the surgery is the same – the cataract is removed and replaced with a lens that is manmade. But thanks to new technology, it's possible to have the lens replaced with an implant that actually helps improve vision that has been lost over time. As a result, the new lens actually functions like glasses or contact lenses would – only as a permanent part of the body.

Another implant that may be used is corrective lenses for astigmatism. This can help correct the vision issues that occur in those with astigmatism, and it is placed in the eye during the cataract-removal surgery.

As for the surgical procedure itself, new computer systems, lasers, and other tools have helped make the process much easier for surgeons to perform and for patients to benefit from. In short, it's possible to get great vision back thanks to the efforts of modern medicine.

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