3 Ways To Market Your Practice Through Volunteer Work

Today's medical community is stronger than ever, able to provide solutions to a wide range of
health problems and help patients improve their wellbeing. But the reality is that for many,
marketing and standing out in your area is still very important. After all, a private practice is at
its heart still a business, and that means marketing matters.
But did you realize that you can market your practice through
volunteer work? Outside of a billboard or internet ad, there are plenty of other options
for spreading the word about your service and this is one of them. Simply put, actually getting out
there and marketing through volunteer work is a great way to market yourself.
Here are three ways to do so.
1. Find an organization that will partner with you in exchange for marketing. For example,
you can agree to provide free volunteer medical procedures like cataract surgery in
exchange for an advertising spot on the organization’s website. 
2. Word of mouth is more effective than you might realize.  When you take the time to do
volunteer work, you actually help others in the community learn about you, respect you,
and talk about what you’re doing for the community.
3. Use your volunteer efforts to actively market yourself. When you create a billboard,
include a mention of your volunteer services and free clinics. This not only helps you
stand out as caring about the community, but will draw potential clients to you at the same time.
Your private practice needs to stand out in order to thrive, and good volunteer work is a perfect
way to go about doing just that.