Quick Facts about Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery - The Basics

Jul 18, 2016

Cataract Surgery Facts: Want to feel confident about your upcoming cataract surgery? Understanding your options and what will take place are your very first steps in alleviating some of the anxiety associated with surgery.

Cataracts are very common. In fact 50% of American have cataracts by age 80. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States and in fact there are 3,000,000 cataract surgeries performed here each year. Clouded, dimming, and blurred vision are typically the first sign of cataracts. You can also experience difficulty with night vision, sensitiviy to ligh and glare, fading or yellowing of colors, seeing rings around lights, even frequent change in your eyeglass prescription.

Cataracts can't be prevented but can be effectively treated with surgery and it is one of the safest surgeries available. While cataract surgery IS considered one of the safest surgical procedures around, there are risks associated with any surgery. The most common risks in cataract surgery are: infection, inflammation, tearing of the posterial capsule of your lens; visual effects like seeing halos around lights, glare, leaking from the incision, and cystoid macular edema. Discuss these possible risks with your surgeon.

Don't put off your surgery because your vision is because you are afraid or your vision is "good enough for now". Get the facts and speak to your doctor. Your vision is precious.

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