How To Get Free Cataract Surgery

Free cataract surgery is possible...

Dec 9, 2015

Cataracts are one of the most common medical problems in the country, affecting about half of
all Americans who reach the age of 80 and usually impacting their life much earlier. Luckily, it’s
something that is very treatable with the right surgical procedure. 
However, that surgery isn’t without its costs in most cases and many find themselves
struggling to get the surgery they need to bring their vision back to where
it once was. But free cataract surgery is possible, and understanding the basics of how to get
it is important.
Here are a few things to remember that can help you get the cataract surgery
you need without paying a penny. 
Start by doing some research. Through websites like Mission Cataract USA you can visit the
websites for doctors and clinics around the country that part icipate in free surgery. 
You’ll want to ensure that you qualify, too. Generally, nonprofit cataract surgery is
offered to those who lack Medicare, Medicaid, or any third party insurance and who don’t
have the financial means to pay for their surgery.
Set up an appointment and plan your procedure. Normally, clinics offer the procedure on
set days during the year. You’ll want to find a participating doctor and determine when
the date of the procedures will be.
That’s really all there is to it. Thanks to the efforts of nonprofits like Mission Cataract, free
cataract surgery is readily available if you lack the means to pay for the procedure yourself.
It’s something well worth looking into and something that can change your life in a very significant way.

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