Are You A Good Candidate For Cataract Surgery?

As we age, our body goes through a number of changes and challenges

Jan 13, 2016

As we age, our body goes through a number of changes and challenges. One of the biggest
and most common problems as we age is our vision, and cataracts is the most common vision
related issue that Americans today will face.
It's also very treatable, and with a simple procedure vision can be restored almost entirely. 
Surgery is usually the end result of cataract treatment, and the procedure itself is fairly
straightforward and takes little time to do. But determining whether or not you’re a candidate for
cataract surgery is the first step, and something you need to do before worrying with the surgery
Here are a few things to consider that should tell you whether or not you’re a good cataract
surgery candidate.
How severe is the cataract, and can other steps improve it?
In some cases, new eyeglasses or magnifying lenses can help remove the clouded vision and
give you back your eyesight without surgery. 
Is it interfering with your daily life?
For example, is it harder to drive, read, or watch TV because of the cataract?
If so, corrective surgery may be needed.
Does your vision care specialist suggest it?
Your primary vision care provider will help determine whether or not you are a good candidate for
cataract surgery by looking at all the various factors related to it including your health, your
specific vision problems, and more.
Cataract surgery can change your life in a significant way, but it is important to be certain that
you actually need the procedure before you take the next steps. Assess your situation and talk to
your vision specialist and you should be able to make this determination for yourself. 

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