The Facts About Cataracts

Treatment options really come down to one thing – corrective surgery.

Nov 13, 2015

If you're noticing that your vision is becoming increasingly dim or blurry, there may be a chance that you're developing one of the most common types of vision trouble in the world –  cataracts. This issue affects millions, and it's easy to become alarmed about it. But if you pay attention to the basic facts beyond them, you'll see that there is hope for regaining your vision.

Cataracts occur when a clouding of the lens in the eye happens. It can't spread from eye to the other, but it can gradually block out vision completely if left untreated. 

A variety of issues can increase the risk of cataracts including smoking, high blood sugar levels, use of steroids, and more. But aging is the primary factor, and it affects the elderly in most cases. 

It's incredibly common. By age 80, about half of all Americans have dealt with cataracts. And over 20 million people in the country over the age of 40 have cataracts right now. 

Treatment options really come down to one thing – corrective surgery. This is done using the latest in technology, and lasers are utilized to remove the clouded lens and then replace it with an artificial one.  In some instances eye problems may make it impossible to use a replacement artificial lens. If this is the case, the cataract is removed and vision is then corrected with contacts or eyeglasses.
Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, and you'll be able to go home shortly after it is completed. If your vision is getting worse, it may be time  to start taking steps towards finding out the root cause and what you can do to correct it. There's a good chance that cataracts could be the culprit and that a solution is closer and easier than you think. 

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