July Update: Reclaiming the Gift of Sight

Mission Cataract USA has centered its focus on existing and current patient testimonials. We have always dedicated our non-profit towards the well-being of our patients.

Jul 30, 2019

This July, Mission Cataract USA has worked to shine a spotlight on a select few patients who were fortunately given back their eyesight through participating doctors in their area. The following listed are only a handful of those who have been positively impacted by our non-profit: 

An unemployed woman in Abilene, Texas, who couldn't see well enough to find work.

A 51-year-old truck driver in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, who lost his job due to his 20/4000 vision. 

A 63-year-old woman in Newton Grove, North Carolina, who was laid off from her job at a Mattress Factory. 

A 74-year-old widow in Easley, South Carolina, with a disabled daughter--whose only income is social security--and existing medical bills for her late husband. 

A 66-year-old man in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who lives on social security, gets food from his local food bank and was left alone without a family. 

While these stories can be heartbreaking, they are unfortunately not uncommon in the non-profit world. This being said, Mission Cataract aims to reach all of those in need and will provide support in any way possible. Overall, we are committed to our patient's eyesight, care, and wish to broadcast their experiences with Mission Cataract in hopes of reaching others in need. Please contact us with any questions at 559-797-1629. 

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