What To Expect After Cataract Surgery

There are a few key things to understand regarding the recovery from cataract surgery.

Jan 14, 2016

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the country, and
the actual surgery itself takes little time to complete – and to recover from. In fact, the surgery
takes about ten minutes in order to complete. Afterwards, a few recovery steps will need to take
Knowing more about them before you go for the surgery will help ensure that you are
fully prepared for the procedure and what follows it. There are a few key things to understand
regarding the recovery from cataract surgery.
Immediately after the procedure, you’ll rest in a recovery area while the sedation
medication wears off. Normally you can expect to spend between thirty minutes and an
hour in this recovery room. 
You’ll be provided with a pair of special sunglasses to wear after the procedure. These
glasses protect your eyes from bright lights and ensure that they aren't damaged.
You will need someone to drive you home following the procedure, and most surgeons
won’t perform the surgery unless you have someone present to help. 
Depending upon your procedure’s specifics, you may be able to remove the protective
eye shield just a few hours after having the procedure done. However, it’s usually a good
idea to replace the shield during sleep so you don’t damage your eye overnight. This will
be required for a few days after the procedure.
Your vision may be blurred for an hour or so after the surgery, and many patients report
having clear vision after a few hours. In other cases, one to two weeks will pass before
your vision is completely improved. 
Some patients will experience dry eyes or a scratched feeling after the surgery, which
will pass over time. If you received an anesthetic injection, there may be some bruising underneath the eye
which will fade after a few days.
You’ll have a follow up appointment with your vision specialist the day following the
surgery to ensure everything is healing properly.
That’s really the extent of what to expect after cataract surgery. The recovery times are short and
you’ll have your vision back before you know it, making this a procedure worth pursuing for
anyone dealing with cataract problems.

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